Parental Advisory: Dr. Dan Peters on Parent Footprint & ‘toughLOVE’ (Q&A)

Today, please join me in extending virtual greetings to Dr. Daniel B. Peters, Ph.D.

Dr. Dan is a contributor to the recently released title, toughLOVE: Raising Confident, Kind, Resilient Kids (Simon & Schuster); he previously wrote Make Your Worrier a Warrior: A Guide to Conquering Your Child’s Fears and its companion for children, From Worrier to Warrior: A Guide to Conquering Your Fears. Earlier this month, he oversaw the global launch of Parent Footprint (which he co-founded) and the company’s Parent Footprint Awareness Training, the first generation of an interactive and personalized web-based solution designed to simulate the experience of sitting down with a trained professional to examine parenting beliefs as a way to discover and map out a new and effective Vision of Successful Parenting for all parents.  A psychologist, Dr. Dan is also the host of the “Parent Footprint Podcast with Dr. Dan” and a regular contributor to The Huffington Post and Psychology Today. He co-founded and serves is co-executive director of the Summit Center (CA). Dr. Dan speaks regularly at national conferences and to the media on a variety of topics including parenting, learning differences, special needs, family, and education.

Dr. Dan Peters.

Praise for toughLOVE:

“Loaded with practical parenting advice from well-credentialed contributors, this is an excellent addition to . . . parenting collections.” —Booklist

From the publisher:

From toughLOVE, a unique online community: balanced, practical advice for parents of school-age children from child psychology experts on how to handle everything from picky eating to media consumption to the homework wars.

The challenges of parenting evolve as the world becomes more complex. How do we set limits on what our children are exposed to without sheltering them too much? How do we raise them to be resilient, empathetic, upstanding adults? How do we get them to put down their smartphones and have a conversation with us?

toughLOVE offers advice from professors at Ivy League medical schools, New York Times bestselling authors, and top parenting coaches who have appeared on the Today show, Good Morning AmericaThe Oprah Winfrey ShowCBS Evening News20/20CNN World News Tonight, and NPR. They address all sorts of issues, from the timeless (picky eating, homework battles, how to have The Talk) to the timely (social media safety, feelings of entitlement, ways to balance schedules). Their breadth of clinical expertise and years of coaching real families will help parents build a commonsense framework for approaching all kinds of dilemmas in a way that reflects their personal values and preferred parenting styles.

Combining a high level of nurture with an emphasis on boundaries and structure, toughLOVE shows parents how to help their kids become capable, responsible, and productive from the first day of kindergarten through the first day of college…and beyond.


Now, Dr. Dan shares his latest creative endeavors with readers …

Question: What is Parent Footprint and

Answer: Parent Footprint ( has a single mission: to create a compassionate world with loving people, one parent and one child at a time.  We all have footprints that were placed on us by our parents, and we all are placing footprints on our children. When we are aware of the footprints that were placed on us by our parents, we can choose the footprints that we want to leave on our children and grandchildren.

Parent Footprint is different from any other parenting resource out there today! We created a personalized and interactive training platform because parents do NOT have time to read books and don’t have the luxury of uninterrupted time to watch long training videos or to go see a therapist to examine their parenting beliefs that often influence our parenting behaviors and actions.

Parent Footprint Awareness Training simulates the experience of sitting down with a trained professional to examine our parenting beliefs that is personalized based on your current state of parenting experiences.    Our training is a collection of short videos that are designed for mobile use to enable parents to complete a module whenever they have about 5 minutes.  We have used the proven methodologies that successful technology companies use to systematically move everyone towards a Vision of Successful Parenting that aligned with the top experts and bestselling authors in the parenting space from Dr. Shefali to Wayne Dryer to Dr. Tina Bryson and more.   


Q: How did Parent Footprint come to exist?

A: Parent Footprint was founded by two passionate parents, myself and my partner, Payman Fazly. We have combined our decades of experience in psychology and technology to bring parenting tools to the modern parent so they can raise happy, healthy, and successful kids, while also being fully engaged in their own lives. We share the vision of creating a compassionate world with loving people, one parent and one child at a time.

We see ourselves first as two passionate parents and second as two professionals – a psychologist and a technologist that merged skill sets, talent, and expertise to follow our passion and build a solution to the universal parenting experience: Parenting is difficult.

Q: How do/does your own books, talks, and patient practice inform your role as the expert of Parent Footprint?

A: For over 20 years, I have been passionate about helping parents to parent their children with purpose and intention in order to guide them in reaching their potential while their children are also reaching their own. The countless hours spent with children, parents, and families, as well as my experience raising my own 3 kids, now all teenagers has brought me invaluable insights, experiences, and empathy for the parenting experience. I am also constantly reading books and research about parenting and human development.  I’ve authored or contributed to several books including Make Your Worrier a Warrior and its companion children’s book From Worrier to Warrior, toughLOVE: Raising Confident, Kind, Resilient Kids and Raising Creative Kids as well as many articles on topics related to parenting, family, giftedness, twice-exceptionality, dyslexia, and anxiety.

I am the Co-Founder/Executive Director of the Summit Center (CA), specializing in the assessment and treatment of children, adolescents, and families, with special emphasis on gifted, talented, and creative individuals and families as well as anxiety. I speak regularly at national conferences and to the media on a variety of topics including parenting, learning differences, special needs, family, education and more.

Q: Your website is unique.  As an avid reader, I was delighted by your passion for supporting authors and books.  Tell us about the role of books have on the Parent Footprint platform?

A: Key parenting books, and the authors who wrote them, are central to our philosophy of sharing the knowledge of leaders in the parenting field. Books from the top parenting experts are part of the foundation of Parent Footprint and our Parent Footprint Awareness training because we are all a community. On our website we have a list of books we read, and always recommend, that inspired our Vision of Successful Parenting paradigm.  This list includes national bestsellers such as Wayne Dyer and Dr. Shefali and Tina Payne Bryson as well as first time authors and even self-published books.  It’s a list that is going to evolve and grow just as Parent Footprint will evolve and grow.

Q: You are a father and also discovered as an adult that you are dyslexic.  What does this experience mean to how you are raising your family?  And on a larger scale what this learning challenge brings to Parent Footprint?

A: I discovered I was dyslexic through finding out my kids were dyslexic, as do many of my adult clients. Finding out that I was dyslexic allowed me to understand why I am good at certain things and not so good at others. It helped me finally accept that maybe I am smart because I certainly never felt that way in school and compared to my friends. It also allowed me to embrace my strengths with people and problem-solving which have guided my career.  This awareness drives my parenting with my kids by helping them to understand their strengths and weaknesses and focus on what they are good at, while working hard on what they need to, which often comes easily to others. My knowing of my own dyslexia and theirs, helps me to be patient with them and also to help them become confident in themselves and their own path. This is what Parent Footprint is all about – being aware of how my childhood experiences impacted me and choosing what I want to focus on with my kids – such as having self-awareness and self-confidence – and then parent in a way that is aligned with those goals. I call this parenting with purpose.

Q: I know you are currently doing publicity for the new book you contributed to toughLOVE.   What book are you reading right now?

A: I just started reading Raising Human Beings: Creating a Collaborative Partnership with your child by Ross Greene. This is his latest book and it is in total alignment with Parent Footprint and my beliefs on parenting. He talks about raising kids who are empathic human beings with the ability to solve problems and engage in life. Parenting is key for achieving this goal.


With thanks to Laura Rossi, Principal / Director of Public Relations at Laura Rossi Public Relations, for generously providing this Q&A for use.

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